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      Renato C. Calleja             
              Investigador Titular A (Associate Professor)
              Department of Mathematics and Mechanics
              IIMAS- UNAM     
         E-mail:  calleja(at)mym(dot)iimas(dot)unam(dot)mx

         Office: IIMAS 226

Mailing address:
Depto. Matemáticas y Mecánica, IIMAS  
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México  
Admon. No. 20  
Delegación Alvaro Obregón  
01000 México D.F.


Research Interests:
KAM Theory, Numerical KAM, Bifurcation Theory, Hyperbolicity, Nonlinear Lattice Equations, Numerical Analysis, State-Dependent Delay Equations.

My main research interests are in the fields of Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Physics, in particular in the study of existence and persistence of invariant objects using Numerical and Analytical tools and their relevance to applications.

My citations on Google Scholar

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  • Existence and persistence of invariant objects in dynamical systems and mathematical physics,
    The University of Texas at Austin, Ph.D. Dissertation (May 2009),
    Supervisor: Rafael de la Llave. Frank Gerth III Dissertation Award.
    FGDA , mp_arc 09-77

  • Dinámica simpléctica y approximaciones numéricas de separatrices y transporte caótico,
    Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, B.Sc. Thesis (June 2004),
    Supervisor: Hector Lomelí.
Research groups:
  • Proyecto Universitario de Fenómenos Nolineales y Mecánica FENOMEC

In preparation:
  • with D. Martínez, A. Olvera and D. del-Castillo-Negrete, Coherent structures in a high-dimensional self-consistent transport map model